Map of Zeus

Welcome to Zeus's page! Here you shall find information about the town. It is currently the least populated town. Our theme is stone bricks, with sloping bricks as roofs. Take note that you still have to follow the server rules in the town.



The Boss of the town

Current member(s): stevie

Second in CommandEdit

Council member who
2013-06-05 21.14.16

Zeus Apartments

takes over as leader if the Mayor isn't online for 1 week.

Current member(s): Cassabanana


They who help run the town

Current member(s): Angelaheng(recruiting), Cassabanana(Builder)


  • Public Farm 

      Unlike most other towns, Zeus Town has a public animal farm.

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Animal Farm

  • Racing Track

      Anybody can just walk in with a group of friends to start a friendly race on         a high tech running track with some obstacles.

  • Spleef Arena
A Spleef competition can be held in the Zeus Spleef Arena with      sophisicated gates to seperated those who have fell down and those who    are still competing.
  • Amazing Scenery
    2013-10-14 23.15.16

    Zeus Racing Track

What sets Zeus Town different from others is that it is situated near many diverse biomes. Be it desert, river, forest, plains,mountains or swamp, there are many things in Zeus town to be discovered.
  • Simple yet Elegant Architecture
As you enter Zeus, you'll find yourself surrounded by robust stone bodies with lovely red bricked roofs. A design where beginners can build easily yet beautifully.
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Zeus Architecture


Zeus Diverse Biomes