Welcome to Cronus! Edit

In order to fully enjoy our server, you must fully understand and abide by the rules!

Report all offenders and misbehaving staff!

No griefing! Respect other players' work!

No swearing or cussing! Don't be rude! Try to keep the language down to a minimum.

No advertising! Don't advertise! It's very annoying. You will be IP banned instantly.

Don't glitch, hack, or cheat the game! It's unfair to the other players and in addition, it screws up the server. Punishments will be severe!

No spawning items! Please do not unfairly give out items which were not legitimately obtained to players unable to access Creative Mode. You will be demoted immediately.

No accepting spawned items! If you see somebody spawning items, report them! All reports are greatly appreciated.

Don't be annoying! The staff will warn you if you are bugging another player, then they will take action if you do not stop.

Don't speak in all caps or spam colors! This is also extremely annoying and shows immaturity. You will be warned, then possibly banned.

Respect other players and staff! Treat others as you would have them treat you. You will be banned if you disrupt the peace.

Don't ask for ranks, creative, or OP! What makes you think we would randomly give these to any guy who asks for them? If you are persistent we may mute, or possibly give you a temporary ban.

No alternate accounts! One account per person! If you make alternate accounts, you will be made to choose one and the latter will be banned.

No mob grinders! This counts as taking advantage of Minecraft's programming to continuously farm exp. If we find a mob grinder, we will destroy it and you will be banned.

No X-Ray modifications or texture packs. This counts as cheating! If you are caught, you will be banned immediately.

No random killing! Don't steal people's stuff, either! This is disrespectful and annoying, and you will be punished.

Don't insult other towns! Keep things friendly! If you are found insulting other towns, punishments will be severe.

Don't put 1x1 towers all over the place! These are ugly.

Limit of 30 animals in a farm. More than 30 animals of any combination will lag up the server! If caught, we will kill some of your animals until it is on or under the limit.