If you find a grief, let the mods know! If there are no moderators online, follow these simple instructions below;

  • Confirm that the offence is severe enough to report
  • Type /co i and right click where the missing blocks used to be
  • Do /report <player> <details> to report the player. Make sure to be descriptive!

[Reporter] will send you a message once your report has been completed by the moderators. Offenses that are deemed serious will result in either punishment in the form of jail, a temporary ban or a permanent ban.                    

Using the reporter properlyEdit

Do not report the same person more than once!Edit

Please try to list all of the things the person did and add it all into one report.

Do not spam reports!Edit

Yes, we can see your reports, please do not keep sending a report as it fills up the report list too quickly.

Include the location in your report!Edit

If we cannot find where a grief or raid is, we won't be able to help you.

Mods, complete the reports!Edit

Please complete reports to faciliate the server and help players. Your purpose is to help and assist players, not to ban, scold and bully them.

If you are reporting a griefEdit

Report at the location of the griefEdit

If you do so, we will be able to teleport to that location and fix it faster.

Include information on what was griefed and whereEdit

Doing so makes the grief easier to fix as the mods do not have to /co i everything.

If you are reporting an advertiser, or someone who spamsEdit

Be prepared with a screenshot Edit

If we have no proof that something happened we would be unable to do anything!