Confused on how to earn some cash in Cronus? This article provides some ideas on how to earn cash.

Important noticeEdit

Before you continue, you must be warned that to get money, you must obtain it by fair means. Scamming, cheating at games, stealing, hacking for money is not allowed and you will be punished.

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A chest shop

What you can doEdit

There are many ways you can money on Cronus!

  • Get a job.
  • Trade with friends.
  • Do services for money
  • Use the new player shops!
  • Vote!

Get a job Edit

There is a jobs plugin in the server. Use it to your advantage!

Trading with friendsEdit

Trading is basically the simplest method of selling or buying. A gives something to B and B pays A.

Doing services for moneyEdit

Not a lot of people do this, though.

Basically, A does something for B, and B pays A for doing it.