• Archery competition
  • zombie survival redstone
  • Connect4
  • Duckhunt
  • Cronus playground
  • Casino (slotmachine1)
  • Casino (slotmachine2)
  • Zombie Survival

Welcome to the Events Page!Edit

Want your event to be posted here? Make one and mail leroy07jornt! (By the way, he's the Event Moderator)

(E.g: /mail send leroy07jornt Hello I would like you to put my event into the wiki, at [cords]. Thanks )

NOTE: If items are lost during an event, don't complain.You were supposed to store your items anyway, so store away unless told otherwise. Stay tuned to find out more about new events/minigames!


Events in Cronus are still under construction.

However, check out the events we had in the previous maps!

Gaming Island (No longer in Cronus) Edit

It has been a while since I have given you guys an update!
Me, JunBin (aka Wither) and Ben have been working on this project for quite some time, and it is finally time to open the warp!
This island is filled with minigames and events. Some of these events require more people to participate, or an event mod to work!
This island will also be constantly updated if we get some new inspiration, and we would certainly love some suggestions!
In a while, the /warp playground will be deleted as the games will have been moved to this new island.

Meanwhile, here are some screenshots to get you excited:

Existing events and minigames

Connect4 :Edit

- Found in /warp playground

- Connect 4 blocks in any way possible, more rules explained at the game itself.

- Fully automatic

-Always open

Duckhunt :Edit

- Found in /warp playground

- Bow and arrows provided! Shoot at ducks!

- Always open

Zombie Survival:Edit

- Found in /warp zombie

- Survive waves of zombies while protecting the villagers!

- An Event Moderator is required to operate the event

Archery competition (not open yet):Edit

- No warp yet

- Be the very best shooter, like no one ever was!

- Win Prizes!

Tic Tac Toe :Edit

- Found in /warp playground

- Connect 3 blocks in any way possible!

- Always Open!

Target practice:Edit

- Found in /warp playground

- Bring your own bow and arrow!

- Aim at the targets!


Found in /warp casino

- 2 slotmachines that requires iron ingots to work. 

- You can win diamond blocks!

- Fully automatic!

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