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Cronus Hotel

The Cronus Casino is a gambling den built below the Cronus Hotel. It is currently closed due to maintainence. It accepts iron ingots as tokens for the machines.


The Casino has a jackpot machine, a slot and an exchanger.

  • Jackpot Machine
You win 4 diamonds when all the gold blocks come up.
  • Slot
You win either a diamond block, a gold block or an emerald block according to what you striked. You strike when all 3 of the same items come up. If 3 pumpkin heads come up, you get a free try.
  • Exhange machine
You place a gold ingot which in turns exchanges it for an iron ingot. The exchange rates may change.


Some gamblers do not know how to read the signs and they spam the buttons which will spoil the machines. Maintainence of the machines takes time.
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The Casino under maintainance